Participating Physician Group (PPG) Performance Scorecard

As the health care industry in California continues to demand increased performance and value, Health Net has improved our delegation program tools to include an enhanced PPG Performance Scorecard to evaluate PPGs in seven performance areas (PDF). Delegated PPGs are reviewed for performance measures including grievances, contractual financial requirements, delegated medical management, service and quality (see Provider Oversight). The PPG scorecard brings these together in a 360-degree view of performance through an executive dashboard format, with the goal of helping ensure that delegated PPGs are meeting or exceeding standards. The resulting performance management process is governed by the Health Net Delegation Oversight Committee.

The PPG Performance Scorecard is used to:

  • Ensure transparency in performance.
  • Jointly identify opportunities to improve performance and commit to developing performance improvement plans that are regularly reviewed at joint operation meetings (JOMs) and regular meetings.
  • Ensure performance exceeds minimum performance standards.
  • Serve as a catalyst for corrective action and improvement plans.
  • Align performance to performance standards, penalties and rewards outlined in PPG contracts.