Community Health Plan of Imperial Valley Member Services Department

To ensure appropriate coverage of medical services for Medi-Cal members, Community Health Plan of Imperial Valley (CHPIV) requires the provision of timely responses and accurate information. If prompt and accurate information is not provided, a member may misuse the program, resulting in medical services not being covered. To avoid these problems, CHPIV directs inquiries from members to CHPIV's Medi-Cal Member Services Department. Inquiries from providers are directed to the CHPIV regional provider network administrator where one is available.

The CHPIV Medi-Cal Member Services Department ensures that translation services are available for members when they call. In addition, the CHPIV Member Handbook and other member-informing materials are translated into the required threshold languages.

CHPIV’s Medi-Cal Member Services Department handles phone calls and correspondence from members. Problems are forwarded to CHPIV management. This department is responsible for:

  • Medi-Cal questions and explanations.
  • Information about access to and delivery of care.
  • Professional and hospital services, bills and claims.
  • Member problems and inquiries.
  • Address changes.
  • Identification card requests.
  • Primary care physician (PCP) selection and transfer requests.
  • Handling complaints about CHPIV programs or staff.

The CHPIV Medi-Cal Member Services Department's 24-hour toll-free number is printed on the back of the member's identification card. While phone assistance is the PCP's responsibility, the CHPIV Medi-Cal Member Services Department can assist members in reaching their PCP when needed. CHPIV Medi-Cal Member Services representatives can provide the phone number for the member's PCP, or the call can be routed to the CHPIV Advice Nurse Telephone Triage program.

21281 Burbank Blvd., C-5
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Fax: 818-676-5161 or 800-281-2999