Delegation Oversight Department

The Health Net Delegation Oversight Department (previously Provider Oversight Department) oversees participating providers in all Health Net lines of business and assists them in understanding and complying with Health Net's requirements and those of state and federal regulatory agencies. The department conducts on-site due diligence evaluations prior to Health Net agreeing to contract with a provider and through on-site evaluations at least annually thereafter. Based on these evaluations, the Health Net Delegation Oversight Committee (DOC) determines which functions are to be delegated to the participating physician group (PPG). The Health Net DOC measures, monitors and oversees compliance of providers and requires corrective actions when deficiencies are discovered. The DOC is a multi-disciplinary committee comprised of, but not limited to, members from Health Net's Delegation Oversight, Health Care Services, Network Management, Medical Management, Finance Departments, and State Health Programs. If the prescribed three-step corrective action process with progressive sanctions does not resolve the deficiency, delegation may be revoked and the provider's contract terminated.

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