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Health Care Options (HCO)

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The Health Care Options (HCO) contractor processes Medi-Cal managed care enrollments and disenrollments. Refer members to the appropriate toll-free number for assistance. Arabic 800-576-6881

Armenian 800-840-5032

Cambodian 800-430-5005

Cantonese 800-430-6006

English and other languages 800-430-4263

Farsi 800-840-5034

Hmong 800-430-2022

Korean 800-576-6883

Laotian 800-430-4091

Mandarin 800-576-6885

Russian 800-430-7007

Spanish 800-430-3003

TagalogĀ  800-576-6890

Telephonic device for the deaf and hearing impaired 800-430-7077

Vietnamese 800-430-8008

Last Updated: 07/08/2024