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Telehealth is the mode of delivering health care services and public health via information and communication technologies to facilitate the diagnosis, consultation, treatment, education, care management, and self-management of a patient’s health care. Telehealth facilitates patient self-management and caregiver suppot for patients and includes synchronous interactions and asynchronous store and forward transfers.

  • Originating site - The site where a patient is located at the time health care services are provided via telecommunications system or where the asynchronous store and forward transfer originates.
  • Distant site - The site where a health care provider who provides health care services is located while providing these services via a telecommunications system.
  • Synchronous interaction - A real-time interaction between a patient and a health care provider located at a distant site.
  • Asynchronous store and forward transfer - The transmission/transfer of a patient’s medical information from an originating site without the patient being present to the health care provider at a distant site.
Last Updated: 11/03/2020