Facility Site Review

All primary care physicians (PCPs) participating in Medi-Cal managed care and Cal MediConnect are required by California statute (Title 22, CCR Section 56230) to complete an initial facility site inspection and subsequent periodic facility site inspections regardless of the status of other accreditation and/or certifications program as part of the initial credentialing process. The full scope site review includes the facility site review (FSR) and medical record review (MRR).

All PCP sites must also undergo the Physical Accessibility Review Survey (PARS). PARS is conducted for participating PCPs, high-volume specialists, ancillary providers, and hospitals. The PARS tool includes 86 criteria and highlights six specific indicators. Based on the outcome of the new PARS (Seniors and Persons with Disabilities (SPD)) evaluation, each PCP site is designated as having basic or limited access, as described below, along with the six specific accessibility indicator designations for parking, external building, interior building, restrooms, exam rooms, and medical equipment (for example, accessible weight scales and adjustable exam tables).

  • Basic access - demonstrates facility site access for the members with disabilities to parking, building, elevator, doctor's office, exam room, and restroom. To meet basic access requirements, all 29 critical elements must be met.
  • Limited access - demonstrates facility site access for the member with a disability are missing or incomplete in one or more features for parking, building, elevator, doctor's office, exam room, and restroom. Deficiencies in one or more of the critical elements are encountered.

Results of the PARS assessment component of the FSR audit are made available to the Health Net Medi-Cal Member Services Department, CalViva Health Medi-Cal Member Services and Cal MediConnect Member Services Department to assist members in selecting a PCP that can best serve the member's health care needs.