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Material Change Notification

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  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Participating Physician Groups (PPG)
  • Ancillary

In accordance with AB 2907 (ch. 925, 2002) and AB 2252 (ch. 447, 2012), Section 1375.7 (c)(3) of the Health and Safety Code and Section 10133.65 (d)(3) of the Insurance Code, the health care provider's Bill of Rights, the plan is required to give notice at least 45 business days in advance to participating providers, including dental providers in reference to coverage of medical services only, when the plan intends to amend a material term of a manual, policy or procedure document referenced in the Provider Participation Agreement (PPA). The term material is defined as a provision in a contract to which a reasonable person would attach importance in determining the action to be taken with respect to the provision. If the change is required by federal or state law or an accreditation entity, a shorter notice period may apply.

The plan informs participating providers of material changes through provider updates and letters and announcements on the provider website. Once finalized, such changes are incorporated into the provider operations manuals. Information sent to providers through provider updates and letters is also added to the text of the appropriate operations manuals. The provider has the right to negotiate and agree to material changes. If an agreement cannot be reached, the provider has the right to terminate the PPA prior to implementation of the material change.

Last Updated: 07/04/2024