Local Education Agency Services

Provider Type

  • Physicians
  • Participating Physician Groups (PPG)
  • Hospitals
  • Ancillary

The Local Education Agency (LEA) provides certain health care assessment services via school programs. LEA services may include:

  • Targeted case management
  • Physical and mental health evaluation
  • Education and psychosocial assessments
  • Health and nutrition education
  • Developmental assessments

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are encouraged to inform members of these services; however, members may obtain services without a referral from their PCPs. PCPs should, whenever possible, coordinate needed medical services with LEA providers to promote continuity of care and ensure proper and timely follow-up. LEA medical services may include:

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Speech pathology and audiology
  • Psychology and counseling
  • Nursing services
  • School health aide services
  • Medical transportation

PCPs may be asked to support LEAs with the following:

  • Written prescriptions for specific LEA services
  • Medical evaluations or records on request
  • Referrals for appropriate and necessary medical services
  • Medically necessary services when school is not in session

On request, the PCP may authorize LEA providers to provide other services on a case-by-case basis.