California Children's Services

Provider Type

  • Physicians
  • Participating Physician Groups (PPG)
  • Hospitals
  • Ancillary

The California Children's Services (CCS) program provides specialized medical care, rehabilitation services, and case management to children with medical or surgical conditions who meet program eligibility requirements. CCS services are delivered by paneled providers and approved tertiary medical centers in local communities who meet CCS program requirements.

CCS services are carved-out under the Medi-Cal managed care program, but the member remains enrolled with Health Net or its subcontracting health plans for the purpose of receiving primary care and services unrelated to the CCS condition. The responsibility for paying for treatment services for the CCS-eligible condition of the child enrolled in managed care rests with the CCS program rather than the health plan.

It is essential that physicians identify children with CCS-eligible conditions and arrange for their timely referral to the county CCS program. The primary care physician (PCP) provides a complete baseline health assessment and diagnostic evaluations sufficient to ascertain evidence or suspicion of a CCS-eligible condition. The PCP remains responsible for the complete health care of the member until CCS program eligibility is determined.

Once CCS eligibility has been established, the CCS program assumes case management responsibilities, including prior authorization of, and payment for, all services related to the CCS-eligible condition. The PCP remains responsible for providing primary care services to the member, including coordination with CCS and specialists to ensure continuity of care.

CCS does not pay for services provided before the date of referral, even though the child may have a CCS-eligible condition, except for children with full-scope Medi-Cal and emergency services or services rendered after hours. For Medi-Cal retroactive payment, services must have been provided by a CCS-paneled provider in a CCS-approved facility. Referrals for emergency or after-hours care must be made to the county CCS program on the next business day and must include documentation substantiating necessity for emergency or urgent care.