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Investigational and Experimental Treatment

Provider Type

  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Participating Physician Groups (PPG)

All participating providers must immediately inform Health Net when there is a request for investigational or experimental treatment. All pertinent documentation for investigational or experimental treatments must be sent to the Health Net Medical Management Department by fax or mail.

In accordance with standards established by the Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC), Health Net has five business days to respond to member requests for review of investigational or experimental treatment. Health Net is required to review all requests for these procedures and is responsible for issuing the denial letter if the treatment is denied.

Health Net's denial letter states the medical and, if applicable, scientific reasons for the denial and any alternative treatment that Health Net does cover. The denial letter also includes an application and instructions for the member to utilize the DMHC Independent Medical Review (IMR) Program.

Participating providers should not direct members to contact Health Net for approval of these services. It is the requesting provider's responsibility to provide all pertinent information and documentation directly to Health Net.

Experimental medical and surgical procedures, equipment and medications, are not covered by Original Medicare or under a Medicare-approved clinical research study. Experimental procedures and items are those items and procedures determined by Health Net and Original Medicare to not be generally accepted by the medical community.

DMHC Notices of Translation Assistance, Forms and Applications

DMHC Notices of Translation Assistance

Participating providers are required to insert a notice of translation assistance when corresponding with applicable members. DMHC Health Net-specific notices of translation assistance are available on the Health Industry and Collaboration Effort (ICE) website at > Library > Approved ICE Documents > Cultural and Linguistic Services. For additional information, providers can contact Health Net Cultural and Linguistic Services Department.

Translated DMHC Complaint (Grievance) Forms

Physicians and ancillary providers must know how to locate and provide translated DMHC complaint (grievance) forms to members upon request. These forms are available in English, Chinese and Spanish and other languages on the DMHC website at located under File a Complaint.

Translated DMHC IMR Applications

Physicians and ancillary providers must know how to locate and provide translated DMHC IMR applications to members upon request. This application is available in English, Chinese and Spanish on the DMHC website at and search for IMR applications.

Last Updated: 07/01/2024