Capitated Claims Billing Information

Provider Type

  • Physicians 
  • Participating Physician Groups (PPG)
  • Hospitals
  • Ancillary

Providers who participate in Health Net's Medi-Cal program under a capitated agreement with a participating physician group (PPG) must follow the instructions below.

  • Providers must contact their PPG to check for any special billing requirements that the providers' failure to follow could delay the processing of their claims, and to verify the billing address for claims submission.
  • Providers have 180 days from the last day of the month of service to submit initial Medi-Cal claims. Exceptions for late filing are:
  • New Medi-Cal claims between six-months and one-year-old are permitted without penalty for unknown eligibility status, antepartum obstetric care or a delay in delivery of a custom-made prosthesis
  • Claims one-year-old or more are permitted without penalty for retroactive eligibility situations, court orders, state or administrative hearings, county errors in eligibility, Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) orders, reversal of appeal decisions on a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) form, or if other coverage is primary

Capitated Risk Claims

Capitated-risk claims received by Health Net through paper submissions are forwarded back to the PPG or third-party administrator (TPA) for processing.

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