Cal MediConnect Provider Services Center

The Health Net Cal MediConnect Provider Services Center is available to physicians, participating physician groups (PPGs), hospitals, and other providers, and features live Provider Services representatives and an interactive voice response (IVR) system. Service provided include the following:

  • Member eligibility and effective dates information
  • Member benefits information
  • Claims status information
  • Instructions on how to submit disputes and appeals
  • General provider inquiries

Cal MediConnect Provider Services Center telephone numbers:

1-855-464-3571 - Los Angeles County
1-855-464-3572 - San Diego County
TDD/TTY: 1-888-788-6382

Interactive Voice Response System

The Health Net Provider Services Center IVR system is a quick and accurate way to verify member eligibility and claim information without waiting to speak with a Provider Services Center representative. The system includes:

  • Current and past eligibility status
  • Benefits information
  • Single or multiple claims status
  • Claims submission addresses
  • Automated fax-back of member eligibility and claim status information